The Finish Line

It’s 5 am and I am reading through all of my post to figure out what to say on my last video submission.   I loved reading through it and saw the changes even in the writing as I went along.  It started out very basic and then I found myself getting more into the data and progress that I added more things or more details.  It was fun to see!

As of today i sit at 22 pounds lost during this challenge and 19.25 inches (neck to calves) and 8 inches along in my waist and hip area.  Not to mention since I started ILKB I have lost a total of 24.5.   Just WOW!    In fact one of the stories I write about here is the day I went to workout in the morning.  Got to putting clothes on to head to work and put on one of my favorite t-shirts.  I put it on and I could swim in the sucker.   Holy Cow! I also then realized that day I could fit into my size 14 jeans where I was wearing a size 20 before the contest began.

 In 2012 I found that I weighed about 300 pounds.  I couldn’t get to my toes, my feet where start to swell up, I couldn’t even go 1 mile an hour on the treadmill it was tough.  I jumped on the fitness wagon and lost 75 pounds.  Was doing really well did a car accident came a long and everything came to a screeching hault.  As I put myself back together I came to a point it was time get back into my fitness plans.  I was working out here and there.  Nothing big or planned out.  Then my friend invited me to try ILKB.  I was hooked.  Even though that warm up about killed me the first time and till does I loved it.  And a month into my membership this contest came out and I thought perfect time!  Let’s jump on.

When someone asks me what obstacles I may have faced I have to say I think I planned all I could for those obstacles or tried to in my planning.   I knew one of the things I needed to fix and jump on board quick was my eating.  So I started studying.  Started planning my meals and using MyFitness plan to track my meals.  Setup my goals.  Made my commitment to hit 5 classes a day and track my results with my FitBit.    Setup my blog to put together all of these things in one place to be able to review and reflect on everything that was happening during this challenge.  I couldn’t be happier I did that.

As I reflect over some of the fun things that came during the challenge.  Doing wall mountain climbers and thinking.  Holy Smokes I am upside down doing these things and it’s not that hard.  I remember doing push-up on my toes and one of the instructor yelling .. look out folks Kimber is doing these on her toes now.  I remember hitting a couple workouts clocking in the 11 to 12 mins peak cardio hear rate zones. WOW!  I was smoking!   I remember even the simple things like doing moderated jumping jacks to  doing full ones was a big deal.  I to this day loving to walk by a mirror and admire the weight that is gone now.  Feeling giddy about it.

Lastly this contest has helped me love myself and work on me!  I want to continue this journey from here on out. I love how I am feeling!  All my life I have tried to take care of others before myself and it’s long over due that I continue to focus on me.  Ya know what the really good part is?  In my journey I have shared in my blog, social media and just every day talk on how I am bettering my life and have heard some great stories how I am inspiring them to get fit.  What gets better than focusing on you and yet being to encourage others to jump on the fitness wagon with you.   One lady came in my office a couple weeks.  Shut the door and said.  You know what I know you were struggling two years ago and I have watched you on FB and I am so stinking proud of how you have pulled yourself up and doing amazing things for your self.  She was in tears I was in tears.  How can that not along let me give up


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