Summary of my 45 Day Challenge Experience

What noticeable changes have you seen in your body over the past 45 days? (i.e. arms look stronger and more toned, stomach looks more toned, etc.)
My tummy is getting smaller.  I noticed a  line on the side of my abs showing up.  My sides feel firmer. (I love to poke at them now)  My shoulders feel firmer and I think you can see that in the after pictures.   There was one picture ILKB took at a session and you could see the muscles in my shoulders.   My biceps are forming more muscles.

What do you think helped you succeed and finish out this contest strong?
I have done several fitness plans but this was the first one I really documented everything I did.  My meals I logged in MyFitnessPal.   I used my FitBit for movement throughout the day and ILKB classes.   I pulled all that together and blogged every day.   It was really fun to look over the week of blogs and remember my victories and struggles.   It was great to look at my eating and see what I needed to do better the next day or the next weeks.  I also used social media to share out some of my posts AND my progress along the way.  Nothing like a bunch of family & friends cheering you along the

What role did iLoveKickboxing play in your transformation? (Including the classes, environment, and instructors?)
Classes of course was a big one for me.  I believe my ending numbers was 40 classes for the 45 days.  Next would be the awesome instructors.  Their push in every class to make us better.  The FB group we have is great for encouragement from staff and other members.  I think the biggest one for me was the “family” atmosphere.  It took a little big to get comfortable but it’s been so nice going to class and you start knowing the people you are taking class with.  Nothing is better when you are working your butt off you look at another member and your eyes meet with that .. OMG this is hard and then you both go back to punching.  Even though you aren’t punching together there is some sort of feeling of a team.  Even the instructors do that too.   I remember a challenge in mountain climbers.  Our instructor said you can do them on the wall if you like.  At first I  thought NO WAY.  Then I found myself crawling up the wall and found it so exciting I did it!  I remember getting out of that the instructor look at me and gives me a thumbs up.  To say .. GREAT job!  Those little things can make a big difference.  And that’s what ILKB brings to me.   Support and FAMILY!


Do you have any advice / motivation for future contestants?
My advice was to clearly map out your journey ahead of time if you can.  Eating being a big one and keep a journal of some sorts.  It really helps if you are bummed or struggling to look back on your accomplishments and then you can say.  Yes!  This is what I am doing this for.  Also make sure you have your support circle ready to be there for you.  We all need those cheerleaders in our corner.

Are there any other thoughts about the contest and what you experienced you’d like to share?
I think your questions have touched on everything I would share.   Overall I think it was a great journey for me.  And even though it’s a contest and I love a challenge.  Health is not about the weight you lose..but about the Life you gain!   And I plan on gaining lots more of it back!  🙂






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