How Did I Do?


So here is were I ended up on this challenge. .

Main Goals 

  • Weight – Lose 15 pounds
    22 pounds 

  • Circumference Measurements – 5 to 8 inches (belly and hip only)
    8 inches

  • Movement – 7,000 steps a day to 10,000 steps a day. Since I work online moving throughout the day is always a challenge.
    Avg 12,000 steps (I may turned in 17,000 steps)

  • Exercise – 5 days a week at ILKB and be able to do 5 pushups by the end of the challenge. I can barely do 1 right now.  🙂
    Every week did 5 classes and doubles on Sat

  • Food – Healthy eating through the contest and I am trying a plan that not only will help me lose weight but fix my metabolism. So my eating will be a big focus on this challenge.
    Did really well.  I didn’t stray to far off my diet and that was a big part of my success. 

Where I want to see the change?

  • Obviously with the weight loss goal it would be my belly, and hips area. (loss) 
    Yep, you can see in the pics my tummy is down

  • I would love to see my “wings” go away. (smaller on my arms)
    They are firming up!

  • My booty would be nice since I sit on my bum all day for work.
    Firmed up a little .. thanks to lots of squats.  🙂 

  • My legs are strong already but what I might like to see there is more flexibility.  I have trouble in doing some stretches like sitting on my knees or doing the straight out leg stretch.
    I can stretch further in class and you can compare my flexibility videos on this blog. 



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