Day 45

Day:     Wednesday
Date:    2/17/2016
Weight:   214.2  (Last taken 2/81 at 7am)  22 POUNDS DOWN!


Mind Fitness Log –    WOW!  It’s day 45.  Did that wiz by or what ?!?!?  Now technically as I write this I have 18 hours, 33 mins and 14 seconds left.  So I am hoping I will have a good weigh in.  With my feeling so yucky th last couple days I hope I just “feel” it in the morning.  If not that’s ok because I have done the best I possibly could.  I have pushed my limits and reached every goal that I set out to complete.  I plan on writing my final thoughts tomorrow and tape my video to complte this journey!   ILKB was a great class tonight and of coure I felt tons better after taking the class.  That ughhh I can’t do this moved to yes I can!    Alright my final words tomorrow. 


Today’s Fitness Goals
1 – Steps 10,000
2- ILKB Double Day since no work today – Done!
3 – Drink water, water, water
4 – 6 meals – Get carbs in 


Training Log
Morning & tummy  –  40 min, 5 mins cardio, rest fat burn
ILKB – 5 peak, 30 mins cardio, 29 mins fat burn, 604 cals burned
Exercise Zones – 1 hr, 39 mins, 7 peak, 32 cardio, 1 hr fat burn
Steps – 10,765

Distance –  4.81 miles


Food Log – this is an interesting log.  Very low in fat.  So I should have got in some good fat.  I need to figure out the protein powder in my sugar free purdding.

CARBS: 174 G PER DAY – 45%
PROTEIN: 174 G PER DAY – 45%
FATS: 39 G PER DAY – 10%

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