Day 44

Day:     Tuesday
Date:    2/17/2016
Weight: 215.2 (21.4 down)


Mind Fitness Log –  To be blunt today was a yucky day.  Nothing seriously wrong but just felt fat and yucky.  I got my ILKB workout in .. got my walking in.  Just not feeling my game as we end this contestn and it bums me out.  I know tomorrow is a new day just don’t like the funk!   I think I also ate too many of the broccoli tater tots.  Maybe that did it.  Good lesson!  Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean you at lots.  giggle


Today’s Fitness Goals
1 – Steps 10,000
2- ILKB – Done!
3 – Drink water, water, water – Kind of slacked here
4 – 6 meals – Get carbs in – think I did pretty ok here


Training Log
ILKB Morning – 81 mins, 5 peak, 34 cardio, 42 fat burn, 705 cals burned (forgot to turn of my fitbit right away.  🙂

Exercise Zones – 1 hr, 49 mins, all fat burn,  810 cals burned
Steps – 10,212
Distance – 4.42 miles


Food Log

CARBS: 174 G PER DAY – 45%
PROTEIN: 174 G PER DAY – 45%
FATS: 39 G PER DAY – 10%

2-16 flog


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