45 Days

 KPOD’S  45 Day Transformation

Kpodbox A friend of mine invited to me try out I Love Kicking Boxing (Denver)  and I was hooked.   I joined in late November and come December I jumped into attending classes 5 days a week.  WOW .. how cool is that ?!?!  


Starting tomorrow (1/4/2015) I will be signing up for their 45 Day Challenge and I am so excited!  I love a good challenge and a good competition.


I will be posting my progress to help keep myself accountable on this great adventure.  I plan on posing the following here:  

  • Daily Overall Logs
  • Food Logs  (Myfitness Pal App)
  • Workout Logs  (FitBit Tracker) 
  • Mind & Body Progress  (Just lil ole’ me)
  • Pic and Video Shares of my Progress
  • Inspiration Quotes & Pictures
  • Healthy Food Tips
  • And More ……  🙂
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ILKB Transformation Contest

1ST PLACE: $20,000!!!

2nd Place: $3,000
3rd Place: $1,000
4th – 7th Places: $250 / each


We have 3 categories we look for in selecting a winner:

1. Your physical transformation. This is judged by how different you look when the contest ends.

2. Pounds lost. How many you pounds you lose is another factor.

3. Your story. We want you to dig deep and give this contest your all. When you do – you’ll transform yourself on the inside, too.

Your inner-transformation is JUST AS IMPORTANT as your outer one.